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GRL STEM from DCarsonCPA on CFO, CIO, Project Management, Business Analysis, IT Analysis, Programming and STEM value. #GRL 

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Our team

We are working Lean and Agile with a strong template and expandable lines to map to your needs on size. Principle support lines through https://dcarsoncpamfc1.joomla.com/ and roll forward GRL maps from DCarsonCPA . Our Principal Dean Carson is a CPA with strong skills across Economics, Risk, Financials, Legal, Technology, Communications and Teamwork horizons to needs on support. DCarsonCPA legacy lines are being mapped forward to GRL STEM.


Our history

GRL STEM began as the DCarsonCPA lines on Cross Functional Economic, Risk, Financial, Legal, Technology,  Communications and Analysis. #CFO #CIO #STEM #Analyst #Economist and #Paralegal lines to needs. Our Model is Technology Forward with a strong Template to the inter function of growth risk and logistics on teamwork.


Our mission

Our Mission is to build for Synergy across Shareholder and Stakeholder lines where Entity, Policy and Community needs meet in any sector across key points on Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Technology and Teamwork joins on projects and workflows.  

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Remote and On Site Support Lines

We are focused on remote and On Site lines on Support with Back Office Support from the DCarsonCPA Lines on Cross Functional Services and Applied Research. The GRL Lines are the next generation of Value in Context lines #GettheViC #ViC 

To Build with efficiency value mapped  from #DCarsonCPA lines. #CFO #CIO #PM #BA #STEM #Analyst

Our GRL STEM lines are configured to roll forward as stand alone lines that can also work with knowledge from the DCarsonCPA on Advisory and DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines .

GRL STEM ( a DCarsonCPA line) = Cross Functional

New York, United States

917-231-7855 ; dcarsoncpamfc1@gmail.com

Standard and Extra Hours per projects

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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DCarsonCPA , DCarsonCPA MFC One and related lines

Core Value (DNA from DCArsonCPA Lines)

Core Financials


Core Financials  are the map to Any Entity we have strong skills on Financials, Ledgers, Sub-Ledgers, Accounts and Statements across Client, Vendor, Business Partner, Regulatory, Shareholder (Or Beneficial Owner) and Stakeholder lines. Full skills mapping Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Cash Flows  and Equity (Or Deficit Accounts in the case of turnarounds and restructuring et al) to needs.  DCarsonCPA Main Lines currently on FB at DCarsonCPA on FB

These lines can support needs on consulting on #CFO #CIO #ManagementConsulting and Internal Entity lines. Those lines support CPA path needs.  Our value in breaking these lines our permits a more robust focus on #CFO #CIO workflows and aligned value chain support.

We are skilled with agility to Navigate #GAAP #IFRS #Tax #Regulatory and other lines to needs ie management reporting, financials, dashboarding and more to manage financials, report on financials or map through financials to needs including innovation, innovation stewardship and risk management cycles to needs. Our current focus is on synergy across Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork points to Synergy in any sector to help on Entity, Policy and Community needs on support lines.  We bring cross functional analyst value to strategic and operational support lines with value across Entity and Technology lines in context to Governance on #GRC and #ITGRC lines as defined under #GRLMaps on Our Web.

Accounting & Taxes


For Project Management, Business Analysis, CFO, Corporate Accounting, Financials and Analysis et al we can help from these lines.  

Designated CPA Services should be directed to DCarsonCPA on FB

for Formal Accountings, Tax Filings and related needs. As intended these lines are focused on strategic, advisory, operational and functional support needs. Looking towards #CFO #CIO #CRO #COO #CHRO #CISO and related lines on support to Entities with Board, Director and Senior Executive and Management Support, On Role skills an Training and Development lines for Staff needs.

Regulatory Per Sectors


We have spent 8+ years on the DCarsonCPA Domestic and Global lines on Trade, Commerce, The Economy and Financials studying Global Regulatory and Risk Per Sector Lines from Native Roots on ACTs 40 and Wealth Management, Broker-Dealers, Pensions, Health and Benefits, Payroll, Broker-Dealers, Capital Markets and Insurance lines. With ability to follow the Economic, Statistical, Risk, Financial, Legal, Technology and Teamwork dimensions to needs.  

Our work there included Covering the many of lines on Banks and Regulated Financial Sector lines add Health, Energy, Agriculture, STEM, Trade, Commerce, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and more as building skills to help on Macro Economic, Fiscal, Financial, Legal Technology and Cross Sector Decision Making support. We are strong with Paralegal skills pre Law  to Navigate Regulatory per Sector needs for projects focused on #CFO #CIO #CRO #CCO #CHRO #CLO and other lines on value chains to find synergy where Economic, Risk, Financials, Legal and Technology lines meet Teamwork.  You can learn more in cross view at DCarsonCPA lines on Linkedin DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines 

Global Research


We work with strong lines since inception on the DCarsonCPA lines of contributed DNA to GRLSTEM lines to think across Economics, Risk, FInancial, Legal and Technology to needs on Teamwork in most any Sector. The Genesis of the DCarsoncPA lines was to evolve with strong skils to halp on Macro and Micro, Legal, Tehcnology, Policy and Community lines of needs to help on debt and deficit level fiscal challenges. Evolved to Pursue Economist , Quant, Legal and Teccnology skills with a strong compliant  communications overlay to build on continual improvements for #GRL and #ValueinContext

Legacy Value from DCarsonCPA:

DCarsonCPA On FB (Open to needs on Core Financials)

DCarsonCPA on Advisory Wix Lines ( Boards, Directors, Senior Executives and Entity Consulting) 

DCarsonCPA MFC One (on Joomla) = Get the One lines on lean agile and strong #GRL Consulting #StrongCivics lines to build on teamwork. 



Econometrics, Statistics, Financials and Risk Models including Quantitative and Actuarial teamwork. We have spent 8+ years following the Analyst and Economist lines thinking across Policy, Markets, Products, Sectors, Legal Entities and a Construct Model with Templates to the Domestic and Global Economy and Financials in anticipation of roles to help Debt and Deficit level challenges and needs on optimization and continual improvement horizons to needs.  As evolving to resource lines to map in advanced Economist, Analyst, Actuarial and Quant lines on Risk Management and more. Those lines contribute massive skills to help on ValueinContext Analysis and support to #GRL Horizons relevant to any sector of needs where Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet in the Framework. To keep it simple we bring strong value in context to engineering where Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet in a framework of entity, policy and community synergy lines.

Social Research


Social Research and Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis play a unique role in our skills and abilities to place financials in context to cross sector value. We can help on Public - Private Project Work, Entities per any sector ( Industry, NGO, Non Profit and Govt) facing Community needs across Client, Vendor, Business Partner, Banking, Regulatory, Audit, Risk and Control, Risk + Cyber, Technology, Telecom, from the inception we have been strong on working across entity , academia, policy and social research horizons to needs on the map of #GRL for #ValueinContext