CFO Value from 23+ years skills Audit through Corporate Accounting through CFO / Controlling, Analyst and Lean Consulting lines for C-Level Executives, Senior Management, Management, Staff and Entity lines. DCarsonCPA



Strong CIO Skills following IT Analyst, Engineering, STEM, NHPS, Data, Big Data, Financials, Legal and Technology lines to Teamwork needs including Communications and Strong ITGRC. strong skills on growth, risk and logistics including cyber security support to teamwork. IT, Cloud and Mobile Innovation Analysis support and more.

Project Management


DCarsonCPA on Project Management. Strong skills on project management lines to needs more at Project Management and DCarsonCPA PM and BA Lines on Linkedin pending next steps on DCarsonCPA lines.

Business Analysis


Business Analyst skills on many roles to connect business and technology value on teamwork. More at DCarsonCPA PM / BA Lines following IIBA BABOK, ASQ, Six Sigma, ANSI, ISO and other lines to needs and continual improvements.

Knowledge Strategy


Knowledge Strategy on support lines to integrate CFO and CIO value across Data, Big Data, Financials, Compliance and Pure Technology lines to needs.

Cross Functional Skills


End to End lines on Cross Functional Skills for Analysis and Communications.  Data, Big Data, Financials, Legal, Technology, Economic and Social Research and Social Media lines on Communications support to Compliant Teamwork. #CFO #CIO #PM #BA #STEM #Analyst lines to Teamwork built with strength over 23 + years on Teamwork with 8+ yrs on DCarsonCPA FB and DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines Communications lines via DCarsonCPA FB