We work with strong engineering maps and analyst maps to place the Hardware in Context to Entity needs from Project Management, Business Analyst and IT Analyst lines to follow the Industry lines on Hardware for project needs.



We are following the Lines on engineering that include TCP / IP,  Networking, and related lines to needs in framework for communications on internal and external networking lines. These lines include Technology, Telecom, STEM, Social Media and many other lines. 



We are second generation to the lines to help on programming needs currently focused on C++ , Java, Python, PHP, HTML, R, SQL, and other lines C#, VB et al as needed. For ANSI and ISO and Non ANSI and ISO lines. We follow Developer lines with Agility learn more at DCarsonCPA Tech Lines 



Software Design and Applications, Programs, Development and other needs Project Management and Business Analyst lines, IT Analyst and SME lines and strong agility to Programming needs where opportunities open up on needs.

IT Analyst


IT Analyst skills for Technology and Telecom lines to STEM following the lines where Hardware, Networking, Programming, Software, Technology and Telecom meet in the Framework to Industry, Non Profit, NGO, Government and Community needs across Data, Big Data, Financials, Compliance and Pure Technology points on Teamwork in the HNSP model. IT Analyst and STEM lines together bring strong value with HNSP and our aggregate model of cross functional analysis weights in Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork to performance to help on Entity, Policy and Community lines. 



Technology from the STEM lines is a subset of Engineering skills that cover all points on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Agility from the DCarsonCPA lines is a cross functional asset to help on teamwork. #CFO #CIO #PM #BA #STEM #Analyst #ITAnalyst #Programming #EconomicResearch and #SocialResearch with strong communications for compliant needs on teamwork.