GRL Maps

DCarsonCPA GRL Lines


GRL STEM evolution of the DCarsonCPA Lines on Growth, Risk and Logistics. Entity Level support on:

  • Growth 
  • Risk Management 
  • Logistics 

CFO, Controlling, CIO, Project Management, Business Analyst, STEM and Programming Value on Teamwork. Companion lines on Accounting, Taxes, Advisory, Financials, and Analysis at DCarsonCPA

GRL = Growth, Risk + Logistics


Growth, Risk and Logistics are the constants the continual lines of needs where Macro and Micro Financials, Legal (Paralegal / Compliance, Regulatory and Governance) meet Technology in the Framework of Entity, Policy and Community needs. To meet these needs we bring CFO, CIO , Project Management, Business Analyst, IT Analyst and Technology skills. Strategic and Operational lines from DCarsonCPA

GRC + ITGRC; The Value of R


GRC and ITGRC the Framework of Governance ( Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance AND Technology on same) . The Conduit lines of Audit, Risk, Strong Controls and Teamwork to a framework to Build for Improvements with cross functional skills and design thinking to the Value in Context to Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork needs. Roll forwards to apply the value in Risk to help on Growth and Logistics needs. Mapped Value from DCarsonCPA

Applied Research for Entity Strategy and Operations


We work with strong lines of integrated Services, Research and Outreach mapped to the value of GRC and ITGRC lines. The Inherent Value of GRC and ITGRC exists as a pathway for synergy across Entity, Policy and Community lines. We've done the work on the DCarsonCPA line over 8 years. GRL STEM lines map the value to help on teamwork.  

Outreach and Awareness, Compliant Communications


Entities rely upon Teamwork for success horizons on meeting GRC and ITGRC goals for entity, policy and community needs. The Currency of Teamwork for entities is Compliant Communications to the internal and external lines of needs that are only ever as good as the skills to map value to context on Decision Making support lines. We build strong Social Media and Internal and External lines for Public Relations, Outreach, Growth though Awareness, For Training and Development and to help energize Teamwork through Compliant GRL focus on Growth, Risk and Logistics in context. DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines explain more on value as do the DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines

Lean Templates and Value in Context


We work with strong lines and lean templates for the value in context . Where the value of skills built to help on debt and deficit level fiscal challenges on original goals with Economist and Legal Skills map to Quant lines to think with and Engineering Mind Set to the points where macro and micro financials, legal, technology and teamwork can help to build for improvements. Lean and Agile to CFO, CIO, Project Management, Business Analyst, IT Analyst, STEM and Programming needs and communications to build on Teamwork. We bring strong value for Data, Big Data, Financials, Compliance and Technology needs on #GRL . With related lines on Top Down and Bottom Up Financial Analysis and end to end points of Economics, Risk, Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork to help on GRL.